Italia Diva Electric hob

Stainless steel 60 cm BO253JD/E

Stainless steel electric hob, width 60 cm, 4 cooking zones with solid plates, one of which rapid, side controls. MANUFACTURED IN AN ITALIAN FACTORY.

Product code: BO253JD/E

Colours available:


Versatile STAINLESS STEEL aesthetics
Width 60cm
Side controls to enjoy a deeper cooking surface
4 cooking zones with electric solid plates:
1 rear left RAPID with 2000 W power, size Ø 180 for a quick heating-up
1 front left and 1 rear right with 1000W power, size Ø 145 for simmering
1 front right with 1500 W power, size Ø 180 for intense
and long-lasting cooking

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